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Sheffield City Region focusses on "inclusive growth"


© Policy Exchange, 2015, Former BBC Economics Editor Stephanie Flanders

Stephanie Flanders discusses how to achieve inclusive growth in the developing Sheffield City Region.

A packed Firth Hall at the University of Sheffield heard economics journalist Stephanie Flanders discus ways to achieve inclusive growth, a central theme in the new, draft Sheffield City Region Inclusive Industrial Strategy.

In 2016 Flanders chaired the RSA Inclusive Growth Commission, set up to identify practical ways to make inclusive growth a reality. Its first hearing was in Sheffield, at the Cathedral, and among those speaking was Dr Dave Smith, the SCR Managing Director.

The Commission launched its final report in March this year, and called on all leaders – in business, society, public service and government – to make inclusive growth the working definition of economic success. The report offers outline a practical roadmap for a more inclusive economy, where everyone can benefit from greater prosperity. In response, the SCR is making inclusive growth a cornerstone of its new draft strategy. It will set out an ambitious vision for economic growth across the region to ensure that people from all communities benefit.

The draft will go out to consultation and engagement with a range of stakeholders for their views on the way forward, and will then be considered by the Local Enterprise Partnership.

Flanders said the Commission’s answers were to: bring economic and social policy together, investing in social policy as part of and at the same time as economic policy; focus central and local government on taking a more place-based approach, thinking about how policy plays out at a local level in communities, and; use better measurement to capture the experience of everyday people.


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