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Mary O'Brien, VP of Development, IBM Security talks to Joe Tibbetts about QUAD 9 and the moral and commercial imperative for collaboration


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QUAD 9, the result of a collaboration between IBM, Packet Clearing House & the Global Cyber Alliance, is free, easy to get and doesn’t reap your data for commercial gain.

IBM Security has collaborated with the Global Cyber Alliance and Packet Clearing House to develop a new DNS called QUAD 9 that offers considerably enhanced security against cyber attack. QUAD 9 is offered free of charge to individuals and to enterprises, it takes minutes to download from the web and does not, as many existing DNS services do, collect your internet activity data and sell it on for commercial exploitation.

I interviewed Mary O'Brien, VP of Development, IBM Security at the launch of QUAD 9. As Mary points out in a world where the criminals are working together to exploit weaknesss in the Internet it is essential that those fighting the criminals find ways to set aside normal commercial competetivness and work together for the good of all.


This programme is brought to you free of charge through the generous support of Global Cyber Alliance and Quad 9

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