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How do services become transformed into digital services and what is the role of service management in digital transformation?


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There are too few opportunities for service professionals to browse the shelves of the digital superstore in search of technological and behavioural innovation. Connected Local Government Live will change all that.

A year ago Nesta produced Connected Councils: a Digital Vision of Local Government. In this world ‘siloed services will be replaced with multi-agency teams that form around specific local challenges’, ‘almost all transactions take place online’ and a ‘truly mobile workforce’ uses platforms and apps and works in collaboration with local residents, many of whom use digital tools to self-service needs once addressed by phone or face to face services.

Reports like this about digitally-enabled future councils, including a very recent report from New Local Government Network identifying collaboration as local government’s ‘next frontier of productivity’, rarely discuss the role of councils’ service leadership in delivering this vision.

How do services still delivering in traditional ways become transformed into digital services? What is the role of service management in corporate-led approaches to digital transformation? How do service professionals and those at the sharp end develop the sort of digital mindset required to create and deliver digital services, as opposed to analogue services put online. And where are the case studies from the perspective of the social care manager, or the head of planning……….

There seem to be few opportunities for service professionals to browse the shelves of the digital superstore and interrogate the possibilities of cloud-based, flexible solutions outside of formal procurement cycles. Connected Local Government Live, with help from a leading cohort of local government professional association partners, aims to change this.

Our mission is to enable local government professionals - librarians, planners, waste managers, social workers, highways people and more – to escape their silos and experience the remarkable changes (and yes, transformation too) that happens when ubiquitous, everyday digital tools and technologies are applied creatively to issues that repeat regularly across the range of local public services. 

On 28 & 29 June, in Birmingham, Connected Local Government Live will present ‘ a festival of connected thinking and events’ connecting innovators across local public services to pitch their innovations, network and drive the conversation about how these fit into a digitally enabled future. 

Connected Local Government Live combines the culture of the unconference (hierarchies are left at the door), with the focus and urgency of the elevator pitch ("give me the headline please and where can I find you later?), with a reach and scope that embraces multiple service silos and many cross cutting themes (data, security, inclusion, skills).

Its is heartening that our concept has been so readily and enthusiastically embraced by a range of organisations representing service professionals and that they are partnering with us to deliver the programme, including the Society of Chief Librarians, the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management, LARIA, ADASS Informatics Network, the Royal Town Planning Institute, and Improvement and Efficiency West Midlands.

Connected Local Government Live 2017

a festival of connected thinking and events

Central Birmingham 28 & 29 June





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