Martin Ferguson is Socitm's Head of Policy and Research. He leads on Socitm responses to major issues around public sector ICT, including data management and sharing; partnerships and outsourcing; self service; flexible working; and the pan-government security vision. Between 2003 and 2005 he was Assistant Director for e-government, at the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA). Prior to that he was Chief Information Officer at St. Albans District Council.


Digital Leadership - Socitm Conference 2017


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Martin Ferguson Director of Policy and Research at Socitm in conversation with Joe Tibbetts

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00.00 | Why has "Digital Leadership" been chosen as the theme for Socitm 2017 Conference

01:48 | Over the last few years "digital" has moved from being a bolt-on, to being an "essential" and now to being the fundamental structure of everything we do. Not a part of something but the thing itself. And over that same period the primary function of digital in the public sector has changed from being delivering services to being delivering customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction

03:16 | Digital leadership is providing the bridge between what is "wanted" and what is "possible". Digital leadership is now about collaboration. Away with the heroic leadership model and welcome the empathetic collaborator.

04:40 | The task now for Socitm constituency is rethinking the leadership thing all within the context of place and place based outcomes.

04:55 | Socitm's priorities reflect the change from the necessary specialism being technology to new challenges require skill sets in associated with human behaviour and customer satisfaction

05:50 | What changes are required, what are the tasks ahead, what are the blockers to progress in the new digital leadership?

07|10 | Q: We see changes to Socitm policy, what practical results will these changes have? A: Outputs and member benefits are more accesible, more frequent, more relevant. 150 "products" packaged around the new corporate membership packages

09:49 | Who is Socitm for in 2017?

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