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Danish local politician claims she has been sexually harassed by "both sides of the political spectrum"


© Julien Carnot - Nyborg Rådhuset 2013

22-year-old Nyborg councillor Sonja Marie Jensen says she has to “......put up with people dictating that I should have an education or children before I’m allowed to have any political stances”

The chairperson for the Social Democrats in the Danish town of Nyborg has come out in support of a junior female colleague who went public with her experiences of sexist treatment at work. Sexism in city council has been a problem for years says The Local (Denmark)

The local politician said that she had been the target of harassment from politicians on both sides of the political spectrum, including members of Nyborg city council.

Vibeke Ejlertsen, Social Democrat chairperson at Nyborg city council, said that she understands the complaints of her colleague but stopped short of calling the issues described by Jensen ‘sexual harassment’ – which can be reported to the police.



The Local Government Information Unit will be running a workshop

Does Local Government Work for Women?


Connected Local Government Live 2017


The workshop is organised by Lauren Lucas, Head of Projects at LGIU. Women currently make up about a third of all UK elected councillors, a figure which has barely changed at all over the last two decades. Only 17 per cent of council Leaders are women. Why are women so under-represented? The Women in Local Government Commission was set up as a year-long programme of research to find out. In this workshop, the LGiU and Fawcett Society (representative tbc) will share what the Commission has discovered so far and debate how we can challenge some of the factors that hold women back in elected office. This will be a practical session, focused on debating solutions to this representative challenge.


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