Joe Tibbetts is the founder and CEO of CLGdotTV. He hosts Working Lunch and chairs AnswerTime the CLGdotTV panel show. Joe chairs conferences and advises public and private sector organisations on how to get heard.


CLGdotTV, broadcasting from the NESTA building is seven months old.


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In July 2018 our programmes were viewed more than 10,000 times, we launched a new podcast series and announced An Audience With CLGdotTV No3

In our first six months, February-July 2018, there have been 52,034 views of our programmes. In July 2018 we had 10,191 Pageviews. 13.27% up on May 2018 previously our best month. In the same period Sessions were up by 15.92% and Users up by 16.68% In August 2018 we will beat our July record monthly viewing figures.
We broadcast both live and on-demand programmes from the NESTA building at 58 Victoria Embankment three minutes walk from London Blackfriars station.


  • officers and elected members of local authorities, combined authorities, regional and devolved administrations
  • senior management in blue-light services, health and social care, the voluntary sector, professional and membership organisations, SMEs and multi-nationals
  • principals and researchers in think tanks, Whitehall departments and Westminster offices
  • senior management in commercial organisations & consultancies
  • publishers, and researchers for mainstream broadcasters.
In our first six months we have covered the following topics, in many cases more than once.
Artificial Intelligence in public services
Arts and Culture driving place making
Bed blocking
Care homes – the future of care home sector
Circular economy
Co-Operatives and the Preston Model
Cyber security
Data - Open Data
Data - Value of Council data
Data - Democracy, data and information transparency
Democracy in a digital age
Digital Social Care
Digital transformation
Drones and the Drone Zone
Drugs - treatment, policing, legislation
Fire services as agents of social care
Hertfordshire - transformation
High street - Future of the high street
HR in public services
Internet of Things
Leadership in local government
Libraries – future of
Local democracy - engagement
Local democracy - local election results
Local democracy - modernising local democratic services
Local democracy - The People Vs Tech – how the internet is killing democracy
Local government - future of
Local government - transformation
Planning – the shape of things to come
Service design
Smart Places
Social Care - Managing demand
Social Care - Technology enabled independent living
Social Care – Sandwell. iCares integrated health and social care system
Social Care – Self assessment
Social Enterprise
Social Value
Sustainable communities
West Midlands Combined Authority
Women in IT
Women in leadership 
Women in Local Government
Work – Future of
On 23 October we will present An Audience with CLGdotTV No3. We invite 60 people to join us for a day of making programmes. An Audience With CLGdotTV No3 will focus on social care and health, topics covered will include:
  • integration of health and social care services around place
  • the HR and skills connundrum at the heart of social care and health integration
  • the challenges of patient/citizen information sharing and how these can be overcome
  • the role of population, NHS ‘SUS’ and other data in improving service interventions and outcomes
  • self-supporting communities – how far will social prescribing and asset based commissioning take us?
  • the potential of apps and other digitally-enabled products and services in social care
  • the sustainability of current health and social care systems.
Seats on the panels and in the audience are as rare as teeth in hens. #beoneofthe60 email Ben Webber for more information.
Increasingly our programmes are presented as Podcasts. These can be listened to and downloaded from our own site or subscribed to through Spotify and iTunes


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