National picture of local election results to be made freely available online as results are declared

Local election results for the May 3rd elections are to be made freely available online as the results are declared locally on an interactive map....Read more


Local Government and the Digital Citizen...Read more

Circular Economy, council procurement of Tech SMEs, waste and recycling, moral imperatives for tomorrow's council

Working Lunch Dr David Greenfield of SOENECS & Hilary Simpson of Sleuth Cooperative in conversation with Joe Tibbetts...Read more

CLGdotTV - March viewing figures

Unique Page Views up by 5.76% in March to 7275 : Sessions up by 10.31% in March to 6080 : New Users up by 15.57% in March to 2912...Read more

How easy is your website to use on a mobile device?

The Better Connected Mobile survey will be published towards the end of April. In all probability half of the users that visit a council site are using a phone or a tablet. Jon Maskrey and Ryan Bromley of Zengenti offer a few tips on how to design a mobile friendly site....Read more

Mary O'Brien, VP of Development, IBM Security talks to Joe Tibbetts about QUAD 9 and the moral and commercial imperative for collaboration

QUAD 9, the result of a collaboration between IBM, Packet Clearing House & the Global Cyber Alliance, is free, easy to get and doesn’t reap your data for commercial gain....Read more

Stu Higgins - CISCO head of smart cities and IoT UK public sector - talking to Joe Tibbetts

Climate-KIC "Climathon" rallies international movement to tackle climate change

Paul Maltby, chief digital officer at Department of Communities and Local Government talks to Joe Tibbetts at Socitm2017

Norway proposes "Tesla tax" on heavy electric cars

£10m investment for HS2 facility

Sheffield City Region will receive £10m to improve transport infrastructure

Liverpool City Region hosts first Digital Summit

Digital Leadership - Socitm Conference 2017