PODCAST: Artificial Intelligence in the delivery of social care, social housing, mental health care & other council services

AI in the delivery of local public services has changed a lot in the two months since we last talked to Tim Lancaster....Read more

Using data to improve local services: stories from the frontline

Peter Wells, Head of Policy, Open Data Institute & Brad Smith, Web Services Manager, Hertfordshire CC talk to Hilary Simpson of Sleuth Co-op...Read more

Arts and Culture are recognised as powerful drivers for cohesive, safe, sustainable communities

Stella Duffy, writer and theatre maker, co-founder of Fun Palaces & Darren Henley CEO Arts Council England talking up a storm...Read more

CLGdotTV is six months old. 52,000 views, a new podcast series and we welcome live studio audiences.

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PODCAST: "Either tech will destroy democracy...or politics will stamp its control over the digital revolution."

Jamie Bartlett, author and Lars Malmqvist digital monster at Arcus Global help Joe Tibbetts decide if Bartlett is over-stating his case in his new book The People vs Tech - How the internet is killing democracy....Read more

PODCAST: Quality Assurance for Care Homes

The CQC lays down the law when it comes to health and safety in care homes. Local Councils, which add their own layer of targets and regulations, test and encorage compliance. The whole process is essential but gobbles up resource....Read more

Improving health and wellbeing in communities through social prescribing, micro-commissioning and developing volunteers

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What can "digital" do for social care

Nobody wants to live in a care home.....

What does the future hold for local government?

How tech is helping older people live independently at home, for longer

Is the current preoccupation with service design a genuine step forward or just another phase that local government is going through

The new, technology enabled, social care is struggling into life. It's heart and it's head are in the right place but it needs help, encouragement and money.