The digitalisation of primary and urgent health services

As the NHS clears the way for a roll-out of online GP consultations, and councils such as Essex County Council have begun skype 'visits' for some elederly residences, have we entered the future of digital health services?...Read more

Growing AI in the public sector

An independent report released last week has suggested how the public sector should further adopt and utilize Artificial Intelligence in its delivery of public services....Read more

Copenhagen Lord Mayor's proposal to ban diesel vehicles by 2019

A proposal put forward by Copenhagen's Lord Mayor, Frank Jensen, would see diesel cars banned from the city centre from January 1st 2019....Read more

Universal Credit will lead to "hardship and misery" for those most in need

A Northern Alliance is forming against the implementation of the Universal Credit, underpinned by fears that the new benefit system will negatively impact those most in need....Read more

William Barker discusses the need for cyber-training in local authorities

Lacking cyber-education and skills is leaving local authorities open to cyber-attacks....Read more

West Midlands Combined Authority to launch bike sharing scheme

The scheme, approved by the West Midlands Combined Authority, aims to reduce congestion and pollution in some of the West Midlands biggest cities and towns....Read more

The "Southern Powerhouse" sets out its stall

Number of jobs in public sector will grow not shrink as automation bites.

Sheffield City Region focusses on "inclusive growth"

Youth Combined Authority will 'shape their own future'

The Local Government Association calls for urgent action to improve youth offending institutions

Andy Burnham announces 2018 'Green Summit' for Greater Manchester

Science and Technology Committee gender imbalance reflected in Women and Equalities Committee appointees

Ambitious vision for economic growth across Sheffield City Region outlined by the Local Enterprise Partnership