Joe Tibbetts is the publisher and managing editor of i-D Information Daily; Public Service Digital and Council News Monitor. He anchors Reality Bites - The Local Government Talk Show podcast; & AnswerTime the Boilerhouse webTV panel show; chairs conferences, and advises organisations on how to get heard in the public sector.


PODCAST: We need to build around 100,000 more homes each year. Will it ever happen?


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Kim Kees - head of sales operations at Arcus Global - talks to Joe Tibbetts about what new technology in the planning process might do to help us solve the housing crisis.

There is already a significant historic shortfall in the number of houses getting built and every year it’s getting worse. The Government's own figures show that over the next 20 years, in England, we will need to house an average of two hundred and ten thousand new family units every year. In 2016 we built just over 140,000 new homes. For decades successive governments have made election promises and set targets which were rarely if ever delivered. Now the Local Authorities say that "austerity" has taken so many staff and cut the budgets so far that they are now unable to cope with the number of planning applications that they need to process.

Our only hope, it seems, is in new technology. 


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